Details matter

As an athlete you pay attention to the smallest detail. If you are a runner you pay attention to your heart rate, running technique, and you know what material the midsole of your shoe features. As a cyclist you know to the gram how much each component of your bike weighs. As a triathlete you count seconds in transition from your bike to your running shoes. At the gym or with your physio you work on individual muscles and in the kitchen you count calories and tinker with nutrition.

You care

Every aspect of your equipment, technique, and training can make the difference between a frustrating outing and a perfect day. No matter if you are trying to qualify for a championship or simply enjoying the exercise and experience with friends. You give it your best and you care. You have your routines. Taking good care of your oral health should be part of your routines.

Oral health and performance

Perfect oral health is not going to make you faster or stronger. But poor oral health can have an effect on the entire body. Studies suggests that tooth decay and gum disease can increase the likelihood of infections and inflammation throughout the rest of the body and interfere with your training or race day performance.

As an athlete you also need to be mentally tough and you need to sleep and recover well. A dentist appointment, pain and the financial burden are not going to help with that. Poor oral health impacts the entire body – physically and mentally.

Start today

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The athlete’s oral health challenge

In the long run poor oral health can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease, suffering from a stroke, or developing diabetes. Even as a serious, well-conditioned athletes you could experience these harmful effects. Recent studies of oral health in elite athletes showed that they are at higher risk of caries and dental erosion. Why would that be the case?

Most athletes consume a lot of sports drinks, supplements and carbohydrate gels or chews. Tooth decay occurs when sugars feed bacteria that produce acids that destroy our teeth. The first thing you should always do as an athlete is to chase high-sugar drinks with water. But at the end of a long day at the gym or in the saddle you will also need a meticulous brushing ritual to maintain good oral health.

Subscriptions for athletes

Here are three typical configurations of the membership that work well for athletes:

The Base Single

Start out with our basic Box and get fresh content and a fresh CURAPROX 5460 ultra soft every three months


The Sonic Single

Brush electric like a pro with the CURAPROX Hydrosonic and a fresh brush head every three months


The Sonic Team

One CURAPROX Hydrosonic Pro with brush heads for 2 every three months.


Tools, technique and training

Just like in your sport you will need the proper equipment and good technique. Your daily kit should include interdental brushes, a very soft toothbrush, gentle toothpaste and a single brush to get to those hard-to-reach places. We have put it all together here: A daily kit for the best oral care practices

But don’t take our word for it. Ask your dental professional. As in all other aspects of your athletic life go out and find a good coach and start practicing. If you don’t feel like seeing your dentist is here to help. convenience

Sometimes we need a little help and a little push to do things that we know are good for us. The Box arrives at your door every three months – just in time for when dentist recommend to replace your toothbrush. And it brings all you need for your daily oral care ritual so you can spend less time shopping and more time doing the things you love.

Your custom plan

Every athlete is different and every team is different. So go ahead and create your individual membership based for yourself, your household or your training group. Add additional toothbrushes, interdental brushes or toothpaste. Change or cancel your subscription any time.

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