What is “oral health”?

Health begins in our mouth. And it’s about more than white teeth and a winning smile. Our oral health is closely connected to the health of our entire body and our overall wellbeing. A healthy mouth alone does not guarantee a healthy body, but we can say for sure that nobody will be able to enjoy perfect health if something is wrong in the mouth. More and more research shows that even minor gum disease (gingivitis), but certainly advanced periodontitis or other hidden problems with your teeth or jaw bones can lead to chronic disease. Oral health is about an integrated approach to dental care and overall health. Healthy mouth, healthy human!

Oral health is an important foundation of our overall health and wellbeing

Clean teeth are only the beginning

Why do we need an “oral health club”?

Our purpose with Ueli.club is to help you achieve your best oral health.We are all dealing with a lot of myths and misunderstandings and have been exposed to advertising for decades. But what matters? Who can we trust? And how can I effectively change my behavior?

We are all creatures of habit and often go for the simplest solution. With Ueli.club you will have everything you need for perfect oral health conveniently delivered to your home with practical advice and instructions, access to oral health professionals, the latest research and Swiss premium products at affordable prices.

Who is behind Ueli.club?

Ueli.club is a startup, but we can count on the experience and expertise of Curaden AG. Curaden is a Swiss family business, beloved and respected by dental professionals around the world. Curaden is build around educating and working closely with professionals in developing the best possible oral health products for their patients.

The toothbrushes, interdental brushes and products for special oral care needs produced by Curaden and sold under the CURAPROX brand are used in dental practices around the world and recommend by many professionals. Please go ahead and ask your dentist about his experience with CURAPROX.

Finally, what is an Ueli?

The question is: Who is this Ueli? His full name is Ueli Breitschmid and he is the visionary entrepreneur who has been building and leading Curaden AG for many years. Ueli and his team are constantly working on improving products and promoting oral health with patients and professionals around the world.

Ueli is our inspiration and our mentor and that is why our startup is proudly named after him – and also because we liked the sound of it 😉

ueli breitschmid curaden about ueli.club

Ueli Breitschmid, inspiration and mentor

Ueli Lautschrift Schweizerdeutsch

Takes a little practice: pronouncing “Ueli” in Swiss German